Ritchie Addition

Oakland, California

Best Conservatory, National Remodeling Award, Qualified Remodeler, August, 2001

Effective Blending of Old & New

This 1920's Colonial Revival hillside home needed access to its backyard. The addition of a ground-level, south-facing sunroom on the rear of the three-story residence (including a balcony and terrace off the main floor above the sunroom) was the solution. A grand staircase leads from the balcony down to the formal garden which features an intermediate landing with a bench. New Colonial light fixtures were specified and matching wrought iron handrails were alternated with solid stucco guardrails to balance the rhythm of the arches in the loggia below. The custom cornice above the sunroom helps reduce the three-story mass and conceals a gutter which collects runoff from the new terrace and balcony.