Educational Building at the Unity Center of Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek, California

The Educational Building at the Unity Center was overworked and underpaid. After a major fund-raising effort, the Building was expanded to include multipurpose rooms, youth and adult classrooms, a large commercial kitchen, a nursery, and new playground area.

A two-story addition was added to the south end of the existing Education Building. The main multipurpose room, new kitchen and nursery area were located on the ground floor for large public, social events such as weddings and holiday celebrations while an office and multi-purpose room on the second floor were added for more private functions such as youth meetings and quieter classes. New electrical, mechanical, lighting, and audio/video systems were designed for flexibility to accommodate the variety of educational programs the Center offers. The Education Building is wired to the Sanctuary Building via live video so all events can be experienced all the time.