Shaw In-Law Remodel

Oakland, California

• Best Accessible Remodel, National Remodeling Award, Qualified Remodeler, August, 2003
Inlaws, Outlaws, and Granny Units, The Taunton Press, 2011

cozy in-law with a past

The Shaws’ In-Law unit was featured in the wonderful book, inlaws, outlaws, and granny flats.  The book explores a variety of creative solutions for turning one home into two.  Using examples from around the country, the author explains why the concept of secondary dwelling units is currently experiencing a renaissance.  With high-quality photographs, plans and details, the book is also a resourceful guide to successful small-space solutions in every genre, from old to new.   The author discusses why many cities are now adopting ordinances to allow these secondary units and how they are positively reshaping lifestyles. 

The Shaws’ inlaw is featured as an example of an historical inlaw.  It's original purpose was a secondary dwelling to the main house and that purpose was restored when the Shaws moved their elderly mom into the unit.