Moyle Kitchen Remodel & Addition

Oakland, California

Neo-Colonial Transformation

Small and cramped, the kitchen of this 1940's neo-Colonial home needed to be enlarged and modernized. Removing a mechanical wall between the kitchen and breakfast nook improved the kitchen’s circulation. At the same time, an unused side stairway and landing were incorporated into the area while the southern wall was moved out to create a large spacious kitchen for this growing family. 

The kitchen features a custom cooktop and a large soapstone island which incorporates a marble pastry counter. An inviting marble pass-through and wet bar were included to connect the busy Kitchen to the formal Dining Room. Upper glass cabinets frame the Dining Room view while arches subtly accent various elements. 

A variety of lighting enhances the space: recessed flourescent lights provide general and task lighting while colorful pendants accent the island. At the wet bar, recessed cabinet lights brighten maple cabinetry and a spot light sparkles the marble.