Morrill Remodel

Berkeley, California


adding garden warmth

A small 1960's kitchen in a charming 1930's Revival home started out as a simple improvement project.  It evolved into a total renovation with the main wall being rebuilt for the addition of new windows and seismic strengthening.  New windows focused the kitchen on the stunning back yard in the Berkeley Hills while they harmonized with the original wood windows which remained.  The end result is a kitchen imbued with a feeling of spaciousness despite its small footprint.

Behind the new glass cabinet and pantry, a hazardous brick fireplace was removed and replaced with a direct-vent fireplace for the Living Room.  Finished with a classic mantle and custom Arts & Crafts tiles, it accents the home’s traditional character. 

And while they were at it, they added a Powder room and remodeled all the bathrooms....