Shaw In-Law Remodel

Oakland, California

• Best Accessible Remodel, National Remodeling Award, Qualified Remodeler, August, 2003
Inlaws, Outlaws, and Granny Units, The Taunton Press, 2011

Cozy In-law With a Past

This 1917 “in-law” needed to be repaired and remodeled and made accessible for a senior citizen. The wall between the kitchen and living room was removed to create an open family-room type of space. A sunny, south-facing bay window expanded the kitchen while a “barrier-free” shower room was relocated to a sunny corner of the in-law.

A priority was to maintain the unit’s historic, Craftsman character. After completely modernizing the cottage’s infrastructure, the “old” in-law still retained its cozy Arts & Crafts ambience. This was achieved by repairing (instead of replacing) the old bead-board ceiling, replicating wood casings for doors and windows, and selecting finishes and light fixtures typical of 1917. The finishing touch was splurging on two new leaded glass windows in the living room.